Impressions - Waldecker Land, Germany

This is where things happening... well at least for me. My Birthplace. To be exact Twistetal Mühlhausen. The Waldecker Land is situated in the provice Hessen about 2 hours from Frankfurt.

The Waldecker Land consists of beautiful Forests such as the Nationalpark Kellerwald, 3 Damns (Edersee,  Diemelsee and the Twistesee) and is located in Hessen which is Germany's richest forest state with 41% woodland. At first it might all seem a little boring, but there are happenings all year long!

One of the Highlights is definitely Willingen, loots of sport and party events, the biggest being the Ski Jumping Worldcup and the Bike Festival. Anyone enjoying good music and a great party has to visit the s'Lift!

But there are many other really great things to do... and the best of it, you don't need to do any of them and just enjoy the peaceful country side... :) !

More information:
- Home Town, (Twistetal - Mühlhausen)
- Hessen (State)
- Waldeck Frankenberg (Province)
- Willingen
- Accomodation