Crete, Greece

Crete, a great place for a beach holiday and sightseeing! There are many places to see... just do yourself a favor and get your Rent A Car organized upfront, we had some very interesting expierence, which one certainly should try to avoid!

... never the less it s really fun to rent a scooter for a couple of days... loots of fun! We pretty much covered most of the island which proved to be larger than expected... One thing we missed out on was a trip to Santoriní, there are boats going every day from Heraklion, so you can even go for a day.

It is the largest island in Greece. Crete has an elongated shape - 260 km from east to west and 60 km at it’s widest. The Mountains are amazing and the narrow streets can be a little worrying at times :). The beaches we enjoyed most was in Agios Nikolaos ( a very nice town close to Heraklion) and Matala (which has some interesting caves, with some recent history right next to the beach, the town it self is very pretty and one can spend the whole day).

I'm sure we missed out on some sights... but well that will have to wait for next time..

Name: Crete
Captial: Heraklion
Population: ~ 630.000

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