Kingdom of Lesotho

23.06. - 25.06.2006 My Friend Richard and I visited Letseng, the highest diamond mine in the world in Lesotho, on our way to and back from the mine we saw some amazing scenery, but the most astonishing were probably the people

The Kingdom of Lesotho is landlocked country surrounded entirely by South Africa. The entire country is more than a thousand metres above sea level.


Country: Kingdom of Lesotho
Capital: Maseru
Official languages Sotho, English
Independence, from the United Kingdom October 4, 1966 
Area: 30,355 km²

Live expectancy:
male: 35.55 years
female: 33.21 years
People living with HIV/AIDS: 320,000 (est)

Katse Dam:
- Height - 185 m
- Crest length - 710 m
- Design - double arch, concrete
- Concrete - 2,320,000 cubic meters
- 1993 meters above sea level (highest Dam in Africa)  

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